The 7 Best Hibachi Grills 2021

The hibachi grill Is a traditional Japanese grill that has existed for a long time, popularly known as the fire bowl in Japan, this is due to the bowl-shaped ceramic lining with metal and a grilling rack on top.

Through times it has metamorphosed into being the popular simple charcoal portable sized grill. For those who love the traditional essence of charcoal on grilled food anywhere from your backyard, picnic, patio or tailgating this is the grill for you.

Hibachi has lots of portable charcoal grills out there, and for you not to go wrong we have selectively picked out the best of them for your purchasable convenience.

Best Hibachi Grills 2021

1. Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Kay

Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi 10 by 18-Inch Charcoal Grill

More space means more to be grilled and more mouths to be filled; there is plenty of room for more hotdogs and burgers as the mash Allen comes with 157 square inch cooking surface. It brings extra versatility to your traditional charcoal grilling by allowing you to adjust the height in three different levels to adjust cooking speed, a dual wooden handle for safety and handling convenience which prevents you from the heat.

The design of the mash Allen hibachi looks very steady and can hold enough food without falling off the edge thanks to the curved edge of the cooking grates. The double cooking grates give you an option to sear in one side and warm your foods on the other, with the iron cast grates and air vent to regulate charcoal burn rate, with the right control your food is certain to come out evenly.


  • Cooking space of 157 square inch
  • Dual iron cast grates
  • Three heights adjustable
  • Wooden handles grid for protection
  • Study design and curved edges that keep food in the place.


  • Assembling seems tricky
  • Inferior components
  • Heavy

2. Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal

Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill – GL10447

The portable pot shaped grill is excellent holds more charcoal because of its depths; this is likely to produce more durable heat enough to grill your food fast. The compact Cajun can be used anywhere from small round camping, picnics, and can fit in your RV trunk.

It preseasoned iron cast makes it easier to clean, and that means it will last a very long time. The bucket-like handle makes it a snap to carry easily around. The Cajun looks heavy but surprisingly not as heavy as it looks, the side flip down door allows for easy adjustment of coals, and the spacing from the grate to the bowl help maintain the heat level that gets to the food, making it evenly ready.

This grill can relatively hold four burgers if you are looking for a charcoal grill not too big and not too small; then Cajun is the one for you.


  • Preseasoned iron cast built to last
  • Iron handle for easy carriage
  • Side flip doors for easy access to charcoal


  • Rust pretty fast
  • Charcoals seem to fall off the side flip door easily
  • No lid cover

3. Char-Broil Tabletop Gas Grill

Char-Broil Table Top 11,000 BTU 190 Sq. Inch Portable Gas Grill | 465133010

With 180 square inch cooking, legs that fold, heat resistant handle, and gas-fueled, portability of this grill has just gotten better and more delightful. The char-broil table gas grill comes with porcelain-coated wire grates that are easy to clean with its broad surfaces you can cook up to 9 hamburgers without overcrowding.

The 11,000 BTU burners ensure you, food cook, fast enough and more evenly. The char boil cooks with portable liquid propane gas and can grill n varieties of places, from patio, concretes, slabs, and even wooden surfaces. You won’t have to worry about briquettes falling off because it’s not coal or worries about overheating because of the high-quality steel material with the high-temperature finish and the sufficient distance from the grill to the floor. Due to the quality steel construction lid and the entire quality steel of this grill you can be sure it won’t rust so easily.


  • Heat resistant handles
  • Foldable legs
  • High quality steel material
  • 187 square inch cooking space
  • Gas-fueled


  • Assembling takes time
  • Components full of sharp edges
  • Awkward hanging of tank off a table top

4. Jur_Global L410 9″ X 17″ Hibachi Style Charcoal Grill

Jur_Global L410 9″ X 17″ Hibachi Style Charcoal Grill

The Jur-global hibachi grills are the same as the lodge; you can use this grill anywhere also, from campings to picnic to a backyard party. This also comes in two adjustable heights allowing you to temper with the cooking heat; the drop down door allows easy access to the charcoal for heat regulation.

It also comes with a cast iron, even though cast iron takes time to heat up, with the adjustable heights you can decrease for a faster heat temperature. Unlike the lodge sportsman, this doesn’t come with the seasoned iron cast, so you might get a lot of food sticking more than usual. With a grill surface of 17-1/4″ X 9″, this might just serve perfectly.


  • Has two adjustable heights
  • A draft door regulates heat
  • Charcoal grill
  • Drop down the door for easy access to charcoal


  • Might rust much faster
  • Don’t wash with soap
  • No lid cover

5. Hitachiya BBQ Charcoal Konro Grill Diatomite

BBQ CHARCOAL KONRO HIBACHI GRILL DIATOMITE STONE Hibachi barbecue Japanese Yakiniku, Yakitori Grill 27 x 13.5 x 8″

This is more than your standard charcoal BBQ as it can be used virtually anywhere due to its thermal insulation and durable properties. From backyards even to your kitchen indoor where ventilation is, grilling is a green go.

The Hitachiya is made up of diatomaceous earth bricks that were heated up to 1000 degrees so you know the durability is more precise than usual BBQ grills, even after an extended use this will still keep it in shape causing it not to wear out.

This also features air vents that allow air that regulates the temperature and instead of grates it uses a metal iron net UV rays that cooks your food exceptionally well. With the metal stripe across the body and the sturdy iron handles, it makes it more portable, more robust and better than a full iron cast grill.


  • Made up of diatomaceous earth bricks for thermal insulation and durability
  • Handle for easy carriage
  • Iron net frame for more direct heat
  • Two air vents


  • No lid cover
  • No height control
  • No stand, Direct contact with surfaces


These are parts of the best grills hibachi as to offer, why choose them?

Hibachi is well known for their portability and simplicity of charcoal grills which is less expensive because some of their components are cheap and durable thus making them budget-friendly.

It is also a grill for a minimum number of people, so if you are looking for a large family grills hibachi grills are not the place to look.

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